Tooth Crowns

Under NHS regulations at the current time (2007) dentists are now allowed to prescribe any type of crown. Metal based crowns on molar teeth are functionally satisfactory and don't suffer porcelain fracture problems, but even at the back of the mouth their appearance can be noticeably non-tooth colour. Porcelain bonded to metal based crowns, such as those provided for front teeth are sometimes provided for molar teeth, but there may not be enough room at the back of the mouth to make these a good idea.

Metal Crown
Porcelain Bonded Crown

The main advantages of metal only crowns when compared to porcelain bonded crowns are that:

The main advantages of porcelain bonded crowns when compared to metal only crowns are that:

There are other types of crown that are available privately such as full gold crowns (yellow gold), or high strength porcelains and ceramic crowns such as Captek crowns. These can have more desirable properties compared to the crowns described above, but can be considerably more expensive. Prices vary from £200-400 or even more.

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